Britton-Hecla School District uses our new Apptegy Website/BHSD App for our messaging system. This system allows the school to contact parents regarding important information using phone calls, texts messages, emails, and in App notifications. 

Apptegy Messaging system uses our Infinite Campus Student information system to deliver these messages. It is important to make sure that the school has correct contact information on file to receive these messages. Parents can confirm set up for the Campus Parent Portal by contacting Danelle Elsen in the Business Office. Parents are able to confirm that the correct information is on file using their Campus Parent Portal. To confirm info on portal follow these steps.

Log in to Parent Portal. Tap the person in upper right hand corner>settings>contact preferences: this is where you update email and phone numbers make sure to save after changes have been made.  To update address you will need to: tap the three lines in the upper left>more>address information>select update change address and tap update to save changes.

To make sure you receive all school related communications you can refer to these explanations:

1. Caller Id will display the school's number and name.

2. When receiving an alert phone call, answer your phone as you normally would. Say "hello" once. Please note that there is a short pause in the beginning of the call.

3. If you can't answer, the voice call service will leave you a voicemail.

4. All alert text messages will come from a 98901 short-code.

In addition to phone calls, texts and emails, you can set up push notifications on your smart phone through our BHSD App. You can download the Britton-Hecla, SD app by clicking the links below.

Download for Android: 

Download for iPhone:

 Push Notifications for specific groups are available through your BHSD App for your smart phone.  

To set these up: go to your BHSD App on your smart phone> select menu in the bottom left corner>then select settings in the bottom right corner> select push notifications> then select which notifications to subscribe to. You will then get notifications for those specific groups!

We are excited about our new Apptegy website/app and this will be your best resource for any information regarding Britton-Hecla School District.