• Payment Info

    Britton-Hecla School District will be taking student fees by mail, in the business office, or by dropping off payments in the payment drop box located outside the main entrance (coming the week of August 3rd.)

    If you have Campus Parent Portal you are able to pay only Meal (Breakfast/Lunch)Payments by Credit Card/Debit Card. 

    Student Fee Price List


    If you will be paying by mail or at the drop box located outside the main entrance (Envelopes are available with Payment Slip printed on front at Payment Drop box).

    Please fill out the following form and include it with your payment.

    Payment Slip

    Payment Slip/Envelope Example

    Meal Payments

    Meal money is deposited into children's individual accounts. All meals are deducted on a running basis.

    If you wish to make payments using your Campus Parent Portal App you can pay by using a Credit Card/Debit Card.

    If you need a Campus Parent Portal set up please contact the school or Danelle Elsen at the following email: danelle.elsen@k12.sd.us.

    Computer Usage

    All students/parents will need to fill out a Computer Policy/Insurance form.

    Computer Usage form (Everyone must fill out)







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