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    Current Openings: 

    Network Administrator/Computer Science Teacher with or without coaching                                                                                


    1. Expertise in computer use and management
    2. Experience in an educational setting preferred
    3. Experience in key areas of technology usage in education
    4. Ability to work with technology in all areas of K12 curriculum
    5. Familiarity with current technology as it pertains to school applications
    6. Knowledge and experience to establish, maintain and improve technology applications.
    7. Knowledge of machine setup, operation, maintenance and repair
    8. Experience in staff development and/or curriculum development
    9. Other qualifications as determined by the school board

    Job Goal:  To provide leadership, expertise and coordination in the educational use of technology for the improvement of student performance.

    Network Administrator

    Administrator of LAN and DDN network

    Create users, domains and rights

    Maintain network security

    Install all network software

    Maintenance and upkeep of routers, hubs and network cabling

    Assign and designate IP addresses, DNS, and Gateways

    Backup of LAN and DDN servers

    1. Research, demonstrate, recommend and install new software and hardware
    2. Liaison with telecommunication vendors
    3. Provide troubleshooting expertise so as to resolve software, hardware and networking failures in a timely manner
    4. Initiate and implement onsite/offsite repair procedures.
    5. Install and maintain internet and e-mail through out the building
    6. Establish legal protection for the district by maintaining site licenses, warranties, and Acceptable Use Agreements.
    7. Assist development of technology budget
    8. Prepare and maintain all technology purchase orders
    9. Prepare and maintain software and hardware inventory
    10. Disseminate computer-related data throughout the district via e-mail or in-service
    11. Assist staff in the integration of technology into the curriculum
    12. Conduct staff training as necessary
    13. Work on community relations by promoting the district’s technology capabilities
    14. Attend appropriate meetings, conventions, workshops and training sessions on a regular basis to keep abreast of current developments in computer technology and education.
    15. Stay abreast of new technology as it relates to education and advise Superintendent.

    Terms of Employment:  12 months
    Directly Responsible to:  Superintendent and Principals
    Evaluation:  Performance will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent
    Compensation:  As per annual contract

    SOCIAL STUDIES/PE TEACHER with or without coaching

    Classes: World History, Geography, US History, Government, Middle School and High School PE, Modern US History, Social Studies elective

    NEEDED--substitute food service personnel. Hours = 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., as needed. Please complete application form.